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It’s history with attitude, and the American story with an edge. We’re looking at those events and people that change history through the power of technology and bigger than life dreams. True stories about real people; not glamorized or sanitized to fit an alternative argument…just the straight dope. No foolin’. No sweater-vested, bowtie wearin’, bifocal sportin’ professor type. Just me and my bike, and American tales right off the road. Sometimes from the “blacktop”, and sometimes from the “road house”, but always as straight and true as the chrome and steel I ride. Always as “down home” as denim and leather.

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Meet the host, Stan Ellsworth

Stan Ellsworth, the Harley Davidson-riding host of American Ride, the Emmy award winning American history program seen on BYUtv, was born on the highway, and raised in the Carolinas and Virginia. His family lineage includes such historic luminaries as Revolutionary War patriots Ethan Allen, Henry “Light Horse Harry” Lee, General Daniel Morgan, General Robert E. Lee, American folk heroes Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett, the notorious Frank and Jesse James, and . . . Gen. George Washington. Small wonder he went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in history. Ellsworth played and coached college football at several universities, including the University of Utah. Among his many adventures, Stan taught high school history. Ellsworthbrought his life experience, knowledge and unique personality to his teaching, calling upon both his football coaching skills and his love of freedom to bring American history to life.

With Stan, you should always expect the unexpected.  As the creator and host of American Ride, Ellsworth seeks to bring truth to the retelling of our nation’s history, how Providence has played a big part in the founding and success of the American nation. American Ride (now shooting seasons 11 and 12 ) preserves and preaches that message for all. American Ride has become a weekly highlight for close to 11 million Americans, and more overseas via the internet.

Ellsworth has appeared in 18 full-length feature films and numerous tv shows. He narrated the “Bounty Hunters” documentary for the Discovery Channel, as well as “ True Caribbean Pirates” for the History Channel.

For American Ride, Ellsworth has received recognition from the American Academy of Television Arts with seven  Emmys, including numerous Best Host. Ellsworth has also been honored by the Sons of the American Revolution with a Silver Medal of Citizenship, by the National Coalition of Motorcyclists, with the Silver Spoke Award, by the American Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge with the George Washington Gold Medal of Freedom, as well as The Boy Scouts of America for Patriotism, the Hon. Gary Herbert, Governor of Utah, for Service to the State, and several Sergeants Major of the United States Armed Forces for Distinguished Service to the Nation.

Stan and his wife Stacey are the proud parents of six children and seven grandchildren. They now make their home in the mountains of Northern Utah.

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