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Join host and renowned attorney Steven Teppler for an enlightening and provocative conversation where technology meets consumer rights, the law, and cybersecurity.

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Meet the host, Steven Teppler

Steven Teppler is an attorney with The Abbott Law Group.  Steven’s practice focus is on electronic discovery, including production, preservation, and spoliation matters, and he advises clients about risk, liability, and compliance issues unique to information governance. His experience includes Federal and state court litigation matters, both against and on behalf of Fortune 500 companies, as well as probate and family law disputes where electronic discovery is critically implicated.

Steven is an active member of national and state bar associations. Nationally, he is the Co-Chair of the American Bar Association’s Internet of Things (IoT) Committee, a member of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Electronic Discovery Pilot Program, a founder and co-chair of the American Bar Association’s Internet of Things National Institute (2015-present), a founder and co-program chair of the American Bar Association’s National Institute on Electronic Discovery and Information Governance (2012-2014), and a contributing author of the ANSI X9F4 trusted timestamp guideline standards for the financial industry. His Florida Bar activities include membership in the Florida Bar’s Federal Court Practice Committee, (2012-present); the Florida Bar’s Standing Committee on Professional Ethics (2005-2011, past chair 2010-2011) where he contributed to the Florida Bar Ethics Advisory Opinions 06-02 (Metadata Mining), 07-2 (Off-Shoring), and 10-2 (Storage Media Sanitization). He is also a founding co-chair of the Florida Bar’s Business Law Section eDiscovery Committee (2014) which contributed to the drafting of the 2012 electronic discovery amendments to the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure.

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